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Sustainable steps towards global treasury

Sulzer realigns its corporate treasury to support business expansion

Expansion into new markets brings challenges on many levels, not least of all financially. When Sulzer, a leading provider of products and solutions in markets such as oil and gas, power, water, and transportation, decided that it needed best-practice treasury and cash management processes to support the developing business operations, the two-pronged treasury project required some external help. Zanders was able to advise on and facilitate a European cash concentration structure and a TMS implementation project.

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A major transformation behind the TV screens

TP Vision separated TV business from Philips

TP Vision took over Philips’ TV business on 1st April, 2012. The joint venture, with Chinese/Taiwanese TPV and Dutch Philips as stakeholders, has taken many important steps since then to create a healthy and profitable TV company. The transformation process brought a lot of changes, including many for the finance department.

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The metamorphosis of Zaanstad

Since the 17th century the Zaanstreek, a region just north of Amsterdam, has been labeled as the ‘food basket of the Netherlands’. At first because of the hundreds of windmills and later also because the famous Dutch grocer Albert Heijn had his farmland in Zaanstad. Business runs through the veins of the people here. However, not even the Zaan region can escape the impact of today’s changing and challenging circumstances. What is the effect of this on the treasurer of the municipality of Zaanstad?

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A model with scenario buttons

TU Delft invests in real estate using insightful financial prognoses

The Delft University of Technology (TU) aims to be a world-class institution with excellent research in specific disciplines. In order to achieve this, it needs good research facilities. A substantial part of the current facilities is up for renovation. How can this be financed in times of cost cutting?

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Three regional treasuries, three sets of requirements: one RFP

How WPP managed its diverse regional needs to select a new TMS and a Swift connection

WPP has treasury operations on three continents and each center has its own individual needs. The company needed to devise a request for proposals (RFP) for implementing a new treasury management system (TMS) and Swift-based bank communication that would serve the diverse needs of each regional offi ce. Zanders worked on this project from an early stage, helping WPP to write a cohesive RFP and providing objective advice at the selection stage.

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