Zanders joins the ISO 20022 Payments SEG

Zanders has decided to participate in the ISO 20022 Payments Standards Evaluation Group (SEG). This is a milestone event as Zanders continues on its growth strategy to help corporates become better, smarter and more efficient in the way they work. To help explain the significance of this decision, we need to consider Zanders’ broader engagement in the global financial standards domain.

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SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework

SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP) helps corporates and financial institutions ensure their defenses against cyberattacks are up to date and effective, to protect the integrity of the wider financial network. Before the annual attestation of their level of compliance to SWIFT at the end of the year, users need to compare the security measures they have implemented with those detailed in SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF).

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Increasing Inflation, Increasing Need for Integrated Financial Risk Framework

Annual inflation rate in US has reached 8.6% in May 2022, which is a highest rate in 41 years. Similarly, inflation is peaking at record high in the euro area with the annual inflation rate of 8.1% in May 2022. An integrated financial risk framework helps treasurers to understand the impact of inflation on other financial risks and the interactions between these risks.

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Balance sheet effects of rising interest rates

Interest rates have been low and even negative for many years but are now rising significantly. Central banks all over the world are announcing rate hikes to put a halt to the severe macro inflation. The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England raised their interest rates in May, and the ECB just announced it will do the same in July by 25 basis points. After years of very low and negative interest rates, this change marks a structural shift in the financial markets that will impact many financial institutions. This article investigates the effect of the rising interest rates on the economic value of banks’ equity by following the balance sheet over the first five months of the year.

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SAP S/4 HANA Deployment Options for Treasury Management – Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid?

With SAP recently focusing heavily on developing its S/4HANA Cloud solutions, now is an opportune time for corporate executives to investigate the deployment options and weigh up the investment versus the benefit of each. Changing IT infrastructure and systems is costly, and executives need the right knowledge to make informed decisions to best meet their current and future demands at the optimal price point. What are the best options?

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