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Getting the best out of treasury

In control with treasury performance management

How can treasury expand its role and deliver more value to the company using a performance management reporting and control framework?

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A new, streamlined connection to the banks

EBAM: efficient bank account management for corporates is now on the right track

Efficiency, productivity, growth, risk control and reporting quality are continuous points of attention for virtually any organization. These issues therefore also affect the corporate treasury processes. Bank account management, one of the building blocks of treasury, has become a focal point during the past few years. Demand for – and now also supply of – applications for electronic management of corporate bank accounts has increased.

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New Treasury Realities

Expect strategic and operational roles to diverge

In the year ahead, the key developments in strategic cash and treasury management will be influenced by four ongoing global trends: standardization, centralization, virtualization and bank independence. The combination of these trends is likely to lead to dramatic changes by fostering a separation between the operational and strategic functions of treasury departments.

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Creating a win-win situation with Wallet Distribution

Bank relationship management

With a shift in risk awareness and a trend for corporates to diversify their banking partners, Zanders has devised a model to objectively review banking relationships from a corporate perspective. So what is the Wallet Distribution Model and how does it work?

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