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How Corporate is using Emerging Technology

It goes without saying that by now we have all familiarized ourselves, at least to some extent, with the ‘new’ way of online working, which includes logging on to conferences that we would usually attend in person. This year’s AFP fully catered to those needs, featuring a new format called the Virtual Experience.

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What are strategic implications of ultra-low interest rates?

Economists of earlier eras would not have imagined today’s world is possible. Policy interest rates are around or below zero, while European governments and corporates issue long-term bonds at negative yields.

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How the in-house bank improves visibility and liquidity controls

Could in-house bank structures have more effectively managed the challenges of a global crisis? What does this mean for the future of in-house banks? Could they increase liquidity control and visibility? We consider the case for an in-house bank as a mitigant for corporates in a global crisis.

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How to set cash pool and in-house bank interest rates

One of the main challenges treasurers face when setting up a cash pool or an in-house bank is setting an appropriate interest rate for the resulting transactions. This topic, among others, has been addressed in the recently published OECD transfer pricing guidelines on financial transactions. As expected, the OECD has left it to the taxpayers and advisors to translate the guidance into concrete methodologies for compliance. Zanders has designed a cloud-based solution that automates the entire process.

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Why treasury projects can fail

In the modern treasury landscape, projects are always complex, regardless of scope and size. Even a small project like a SaaS cash flow forecast system implementation is complex if we take into account that the business, regulatory and technical landscape is constantly evolving and that in most cases business resources cannot fully dedicate their time to projects. In today’s world, project teams also need to respond to change quickly and deliver value as soon as possible, both to the project and to business stakeholders. The challenge is to do that while also being in control of timelines, budget, scope, and – most importantly – creating quality and value to treasury and the business.

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