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Recruiting a cut above the rest

In addition to its broad financial consultancy services, Zanders also offers mediation for interim management. This includes temporary support and capacity assignments, from a five-day test job to the full support, and execution, of a major project. Interim recruitment director Peep van Rijckevorsel explains the challenges and satisfactions of his role.

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Helping hand

Frank Hand has been working in the financial world for more than 20 years. This risk specialist has been working for APG on behalf of Zanders Interim Services since October 2009 and has already worked on three fascinating risk-related projects.

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Zanders Interim Services

Temporary staffing solutions

So your treasurer goes on maternity leave or your risk manager quit, while his or her successor can’t start for another three months?

In the past you may have been forgiven for panicking, but now Zanders Interim Services (ZIS) is here to help. ZIS can offer your company temporary support from experienced professionals in risk management, cash – treasury management, and corporate finance. This dynamic staffing service is headed by Peep van Rijckevorsel.

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