A treasury journey through SAP Central Finance

A treasury journey through SAP Central Finance

During the spring of 2021, Zanders and SAP joined forces once more to provide a three-part webinar series. The occurrence tackled the question: ‘How does Treasury fit in the SAP Central Finance journey?’

The series was kicked off by an introductory webinar on SAP Central Finance (CFIN) through a treasury lens. The introductory webinar was succeeded by a deep dive session where the interaction within the cash & payment space was further explored. Lastly the series was concluded with a deep dive into the impact on the FX exposure management function.

If you were not able to attend, please find the recorded webinars here. Nevertheless, we now also offer you a short, written summary of what has been discussed.

Setting the Scene

The topic of the first webinar in the series of three was ‘Introduction on SAP Central Finance from a Treasury point of view‘. Christian Schmid from SAP was the first speaker, he introduced SAP CFIN as an enabler for S/4 HANA Intelligent Finance. Additionally, he shared the various use cases of CFIN and concluded his presentation with a sample of clients on the CFIN journey.

Next, Sibren Schilders from Zanders provided some insights on the deployment model of CFIN and the touchpoints of Treasury. These touchpoints were complemented with a few architectural diagrams to provide the audience with a flavour of what is yet to come.

The concluding speaker for the first webinar was Guido Klein from British American Tobacco (BAT). He enlightened the audience on the CFIN journey of BAT. Next to an introduction of the BAT system landscape, Guido shared the various target architectures for CFIN, relevant issues, challenges and concluded with some lessons learned for the audience to takeaway.

Cash & Payments

The second webinar was tailored around the question ‘How does Central Finance interact with Treasury’s Cash & Payment Operations?’ Christian Schmid kicked it off and guided us though the ‘True Treasury Payment Factory’ as well as the touchpoints and considerations in the cash positioning and cash flow forecasting area.

Next to Christian, Sibren Schilders provided some insights on the considerations on how CFIN and Treasury can be hosted together or separately. Additionally, he shared valuable insights on the Central Payments capabilities of CFIN.

The next speaker in line was Santiago Alcaraz from J.P Morgan, who shared the banking’s point view and answered the question how CFIN can also provide opportunities to optimize your bank connectivity and leverage banking partner capabilities.

The concluding speakers for the second webinar were Stephan Vanlommel and Charlotte Gils from Johnson & Johnson (J&J). They enlightened the audience with the J&J perspective on the topic at hand. Next to an introduction of J&J and its Treasury, they presented several design challenges and interactions between SAP and Treasury.

FX Risk Management

The third and final webinar of the series on CFIN & Treasury looked into the opportunities of CFIN on the FX Risk Management processes. Jonathan Tomlinson from Zanders was the first speaker providing an overview of the general FX Risk management landscape in SAP as well as the different tools to manage transactional FX risk. On top of that, an end-to-end solution for FX risk management was shared. The solution covered the different types of hedging, from exposure determination to hedge execution.

Next to Jonathan, Christian Schmid guided the audience through the hedging of balance sheet exposures with the SAP Balance Sheet Exposure management tools. Additionally, Christian shared how the CFIN data can be utilized for efficient processing.

The final speaker, Paul Waldenmaier from AkzoNobel, shared his experience on the CFIN journey. The discussion covered the current FX exposure management process and respective challenges AkzoNobel faced, as well as the anticipated benefits of implementing the FX Exposure management tools aligned with CFIN data.

We are very pleased that over 200 professionals registered for the webinar series and that we received positive reactions from the attendees – thank you!

In case you have any question regarding SAP Central Finance, SAP Treasury functionalities or other thoughts on the above-mentioned topics, please do not hesitate to contact Sibren Schilders.