AFP 2021: Interesting sessions on technological transformation

AFP 2021: Interesting sessions on technological transformation

From 7 to 11 November, AFP organized its annual ‘Treasury and Finance Conference’ in Washington D.C.. The event was one of the first major conferences with an in-person component. As every year, Zanders was present at this event with a stand and various informative sessions..

Our first session was about “Thinking differently with technology: driving a real-time treasury transformation”. The panel, consisting of Sibren Schilders (Zanders), Bob Stark (Kyriba) and Lee Ann-Perkins (Specialized), explored how APIs unlock a matrix of new technology that can meaningfully improve treasury automation, intelligence, and real-time decisions, using payments as a backdrop. During the session, the panel shared multiple viewpoints on technology transformation for real-time payments, fraud protection, governance and cost reduction.

Next to the first speaking opportunities, our booth allowed us to engage in person with treasury and finance professionals from all around the world. On the last day of the conference, our second session “The Digital Transformation of Corporate Treasury 2022 and Beyond” was scheduled. In this session Paul DeCrane, Principal of Zanders, moderated a distinguished panel of experts to discuss how treasurers are in a unique role to drive corporate strategy through digital transformation. Panel experts included Lee-Ann Perkins (Specialized) Tony Masone (Amazon) and Fernando Iraola (Bank of America).

All conversations have shown that the strategic importance of digital transformation is at an all-time high. As the role of the corporate treasurer has never been more critical, Zanders has published a whitepaper named ‘The Digital Transformation of Treasury: A Critical Imperative’.

If you were unable to attend the event, we would be happy to discuss these topics with you personal conversation. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.