Corporate financial risk management to the next level

Corporate financial risk management to the next level

Visual Risk and Zanders collaborate to take corporate financial risk management to the next level.

Over the past few years we have seen an increased interest in financial risk management from our corporate clients. This has been driven by significantly increased volatility across many currencies and commodity markets and will likely extend to interest rates that will start rising again at some point. We have helped many of our clients with the design of new risk management frameworks, covering the identification and measurement of exposures, as well as the formulation of robust and sustainable risk management policies and processes.

Increasingly our corporate clients are interested in advanced risk modeling techniques, such as cash-flow-at-risk and other forecasting models. With this in mind, we are pleased to have recently entered into a partnership with Visual Risk.

Visual Risk

Visual Risk is a privately owned treasury solutions company, catering to mid- and large-sized corporates and financial institutions. Based in Sydney and London, Visual Risk services a large client base across the Asia Pacific region and Europe. At the core of the Visual Risk solution is the ability to process, analyze and display complex data in a unique graphical manner. This assists corporate treasurers to better visualize, understand and report complex information to senior management.

The partnership with Visual Risk allows us to enhance our FX, interest rate and commodity risk management advisory projects with a robust, intuitive and visual cash-flow-at-risk modeling system.

Specialized risk tool

For our clients this provides the opportunity to see their risk portfolio modeled with a specialized risk tool, which applies dynamic Monte Carlo simulations to stress-test market conditions and model what-if hedging strategies. If this is of interest, our clients then have the opportunity to enter into discussions with Visual Risk to purchase and implement the software.