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The balance between trust and control

Back in 2010, the American Economic Review published the article Growth in a time of debt, which was penned by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff (Reinhart and Rogoff).

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The future of risk management

Zanders Risk Management Seminar 2016

The imposing hall of the Koninklijke Tropeninstituut (KIT – the royal tropical institute) has a long history of science and learning but is also the perfect setting for a seminar on the future of risk management.

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More or less? The constant fluctuation of risk

Theo Berg, Delta Lloyd, gives his view

European insurers are not only facing extremely low interest rates and the introduction of the Ultimate Forward Rate (UFR), they must especially take into account the presumed requirements of Solvency II, due to come into effect in 2016. How does an insurer approach the risks in 2014? Theo Berg, director of Group Actuarial Risk Management at the Delta Lloyd Group, gives his view.

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Aren’t we going too far?

On a day to day basis I regularly hear “I have to pop to Risk to find out what they think about this”, or “What does Compliance say?” and “Does this fit in with our risk allocation?” The responsibility for a transaction seems to be split over many different levels. So who is really solely responsible for their own work?

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The relative world of correlations

Kurt Winkelmann (MSCI) on macro risk, trend growth and pension schemes

To many people, MSCI is known for its World Indices. But as a leading provider of investment decision support tools, MSCI offers software to companies, helping them to analyze financial markets such as the pension market. In December of 2012, Kurt Winkelmann, global head of research at MSCI, visited the Netherlands and the Zanders head office – a perfect opportunity to introduce this world player to the readers of Zanders Magazine.

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