Zanders Pre-Developed SAP Solutions

Zanders Pre-Developed SAP Solutions

Since our company was founded 25 years ago, Zanders’ team has been involved in many SAP Treasury implementations. SAP Treasury was first developed in the early Nineties and has since been regularly updated and refined, to provide extensive functionality that supports the treasury and risk management processes at multinationals and financial institutions.

Functionality is delivered via the following SAP Treasury solutions:

  • SAP Cash & Liquidity Management (SAP CLM)
  • SAP Treasury & Risk Management (SAP TRM)
  • SAP In-House Cash (SAP IHC)
  • SAP Bank Communication Management (SAP BCM)

Although configuring the system based on standard SAP wherever possible is preferable, not all functional requirements can be met with standard SAP functionality. For specific functional treasury requirements, we have developed our Zanders Pre-Developed SAP Solutions. These solutions enhance the standard SAP functionality and improve treasury and risk management processes already supported by the SAP standard. The solutions are developed, owned and maintained by Zanders.



Various SAP Solution packages

We have several Pre-Developed SAP Solution packages available depending on the functionality required:

  • SAP TRM Package
  • SAP IHC Package
  • SAP Payment Package

In each of these packages, different types of additional, enhanced SAP functionality are made available through deploying our Pre-Developed SAP Solutions. In the illustration below, we provide examples of the functionality available within each of our three Pre-Developed SAP Solutions:

Easy deployment

These packages can be easily deployed into the client’s SAP systems by means of an SAP transport request. This transport request can be imported in the development system, test system(s) and finally in the production environment, once the client is satisfied with the new functionality offered. The packages, when delivered, include technical documentation for the IT department and extensive user manuals for the end users.

We ensure that our Pre-Developed SAP Solutions avoid conflict with the standard SAP functionality and provide support during the deployment in all phases of a typical SAP implementation project: system integration test, user acceptance test and deployment in production.
The Zanders Pre-Developed SAP Solutions are based on a license and maintenance fee. Within the maintenance fee resolving any problem issues during upgrades and support are included.

Added value to our clients

We are confident that our Pre-Developed SAP Solutions bring added value to our clients because:

  • They provide best practice treasury and risk management functionality not existing yet in standard SAP, resulting in enhanced and optimized system support for clients’ treasury and risk management processes;
  • Easy deployment and maintenance fully supported by the Zanders team;
  • Availability of technical documentation of the solution, training and user manuals.

More information

Are you interested in the Zanders Pre-Developed SAP Solutions? Would you like to have a demonstration of the functionality? Do you have a request for a specific enhancement that you would like us to develop for you? Or you would like to gain information on SAP Treasury in general? For all questions on treasury or SAP solutions, please contact Laura Koekkoek.