Zanders proprietary Treasury Technology Database

Zanders proprietary Treasury Technology Database

Where is the treasury technology market heading to? Which systems are stepping up to the leading positions and who is being left behind? Factual knowledge about treasury technology and insights into adoption rates are valuable pieces of information. But this data is rarely readily available on the market. The development of the Zanders proprietary Treasury Technology Database was a solution to cover missing gaps in the market. Being in the treasury advisory for years, Zanders has been in a position to observe the developments in treasury technology first hand and collect the multiple jigsaw pieces together.


Technology never sleeps – it evolves. In the past decade, the treasury technology landscape, especially in the treasury management system (TMS) segment, has been shifting dramatically due to the ongoing technical and functional development of existing solutions, new market entrants and market consolidation. Keeping track of the developments in the TMS market, however, is costly and time-intensive for one person. At Zanders, this has indirectly been a daily task. Treasury system selections have been our ‘bread and butter’ since the very beginning. Knowing that there are many different solutions on the market, as a first step, we have decided to pool the knowledge in a structured and organized manner. This decision gave a birth to the Zanders Treasury Technology Database.

What is it?

Over the past five years, our database grew continuously and it now covers over 1,100 companies. As such it’s the largest independent corporate treasury database relating to technology in the world. We track multiple facts and figures about technology used by corporate treasuries including ERP, TMS and other systems. The data may be looked at from different angles. Slicing and dicing capabilities provide insights by industry, geography, company size, etc. Trends over time is another interesting and important dimension to observe.

What are the trends?

Moving to the cloud and purchasing software as a service (SaaS) have been major trends in the area of technology in recent years with the TMS market being no exception. The functional gap between various solutions on the market has been closing rapidly. In the recent years, we observe an evolution and international expansion among previously smaller players, such as Kyriba, Salmon Software or Bellin. Patriotism still remains an influential factor for smaller corporations when deciding between local and foreign TMS vendors. From a corporate treasurer’s perspective, it has become more difficult to compare various offerings, especially in the mid-range category as most players can meet ordinary functional and technical requirements. Therefore, evaluation criteria are shifting towards vendor service quality and additional integrated solutions that supplement a TMS.


Corporate treasury has a growing importance and transitions rapidly into a ‘digital command center’, which is often expected to make quick decisions with long-lasting impact. And for that you need a strong treasury technology partner.