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Unavoidable trends for any resilient treasury plan

It all starts with cash!

In regards of financial planning, COVID-19 has created an environment where one can no longer rely on past trends and historical data. The unforeseen impact broug...

Machine Learning in Risk Management

Machine Learning for Financial Institutions

Terms like big data, machine learning and data science are used in many fields of business. In recent year...

IBOR transition: fallback solutions in illiquid markets

Next to determining a new reference rate, a smooth market transition must be ensured to generate sufficient liquidity. This article focuses on three currencies and how their reference rates adminis...

Technology considerations to provide operational resilience

What has become more prevalent compared to past disrupting events is that working from home has become the ‘new normal’. Although this working model is likely to continue to feature to some e...

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Transfer Pricing

Creates an easier, faster and more transparent transfer pricing process for intercompany transactions.

Cash Pooling Solution

Determines compliant cash pool and in-house bank interest rates.

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